Waterley Pharmaceuticals is led by a diverse, dynamic, committed and entrepreneurial team.  We market quality products tailored to meet the modern challenges in healthcare.

With our expertise and deep talent pool, we take pride in being an independent and responsible pharmaceutical company dedicated to unlocking solutions that make people feel healthier and live longer.

Welcome to Waterley Pharmaceuticals

Established in Hyderabad, India in the year 2015, Waterley Pharmaceuticals, has expanded its operations and now has a Pan India presence.

Waterley Pharmaceuticals aims to transform lives by bringing innovative ideas, products, and services that advance medical care. We collaborate with healthcare professionals to provide access to innovative therapies and healthcare programs.  Waterley Pharmaceuticals aims to solve modern challenges in specific therapy areas like gastroenterology and help people live longer and healthier lives.

Waterley Pharmaceuticals’ leadership consists of talented, resourceful professionals, with a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical business.

At Waterley, we practice the highest standards of business conduct and commitment to our core values. We are responsible to our employees, stakeholders and the communities where we live and work.

Being the best at whatever we do is our motto.

Our Vision

To achieve robust growth through expansion of our operations, while maintaining highest standards of business conduct and commitment to our core values.
We strive to do our best through continuous improvement and increasing our presence in the market.

Our Mission

To provide innovative therapies to improve quality of life, while operating with the highest standards of integrity and ethics.

Our Values


At Waterley we strive to create an environment where people free to share their points of view and to speak the truth as they see it. We help them understand our underlying philosophy and values. We rely on the power of trust to collaborate in the pursuit of a common mission.

Team work

Nearly everything worthwhile we’ve achieved has come about because of team effort. We are committed to common goals and encourage collaboration to develop ideas and solutions. We respect diversity and the power of team interactions and decisions.

Respect for people

We acknowledge that people are the key to Waterley’s success. We endeavor to treat our colleagues with respect and dignity and create a culture of openness which helps their professional and personal growth.


We see clear and effective communication as the most effective way to create a synthesis of diverse ideas in alignment with our mission to improve quality of life in our community. We take steps to improve, develop, and expand our communication abilities both with our employees and healthcare providers.


Integrity is knowing and doing what is right. We are committed to setting exacting standards of behavior and sticking to them, even in demanding situations. We believe in a culture of honesty, discipline and resilience. Integrity is the backbone of our culture and our people. We believe in owning up to our vision, mission, values and behaviors by doing the right thing, always.


Possibilities are the precious fruits of the human imagination. We believe building a capacity for innovation requires an intelligent, strategic, and disciplined approach. Innovation is vital to our mission of improving the quality of life in our community. We like to challenge ourselves to think out of the box and apply our creativity to improving our products, processes and services.
Innovation is about building stronger and more capable organizations. Innovation fully embraces the discovery of what is possible for our organization, even if it involves risk taking.

Continuous learning

We believe in an individual’s ability to make competent decisions and ensure successful implementation. Through intelligence, willpower and adequate learning, we are sure that this tremendous potential can be fulfilled. we provide opportunities within the company for everyone to take advantage of specific education and training that will help them do their jobs better.